Foods Planner Group supports various projects to help combat social problems,
and part of the profits goes towards charity.
For example, in Thailand, where Foods Planner is also based in, we help the "School of temple Nopparatnaram".
We want to help children who don't have the luxury to go to school.


School of temple Nopparatnaram
(Address: 12/37 Mo6o.Tambon Nopparat,Nongsuea District , Pathumthani)

This is a school run inside a temple for children under the age of 12. It was established in 1934, and currently has 5 teachers and 62 students. Most of the students' parents are poor to work by the day, and 70% of the people live with their grandparents and not their parents.

In order to establish a good learning environment for the children, Foods Planner provides money and provisions such as food, rice and stationaries.

Example for Supporting Activity

2017 December:

Rice, milk, etc.

2018 December:

Rice, soy sauce, sugar, salt, writing utencils, candy, soy milk, etc.

2018 December

School Landscape

Certificate of Appreciation from the School