The bases responsible for the development and production in the Foods Planner Group are starting to spread all around the world.


CP Group.
CP Group is a food processing company which specialises in chicken, pork, and prawn. The company has a long history of raising and breeding animals within the company. The company has GMP, HACCP, ISO9000, ISO1400, which are universal standards -- thus, the safety can be assured.
Panas Poultry.
Panas Poultry grows, incubates and processes chicken. Their motto is "Non Animal Protein, Non Growth Promoters", and works towards providing fine quality chicken. Panas Poultry has good relations with Foods Planner and funds 10.1% the company.
Saha Farms Group.
Saha Farms Group is one of Thailand's total integrators. This company owns 7 large poultry farms and more than 400 small-medium farms. They produce for domestic use in Thailand, as well as export to Japan, the EU, and Asia. Within each sub-group, fresh meat is processed and and cooked.
Thai Summit Marketing Co. Ltd.
Thai Summit Marketing Co. Ltd. focuses on the specific cutting techniques of chicken, as well as marinated and frozen products, including raw roasted skewers. We focus on the specific cutting techniques of beef shank.
Vaneda Foods Co. Ltd.
This company deals with specially cut and marinated grilled chicken. We started the production in July of 2016.
Bangkok Ranch Public Company Limited.
This company is one of the main companies dealing with the production and sales of duck meat. Apart from Japan, countries like the Netherlands in Europe also have a tie-up with this company. This company deals with growing ducks in farms until the processing of the meat. Because the main food for the ducks are corn, soybeans and rice, the company can also support customers who want antibiotic free meat.


Springsnow Foods Co. Ltd.
Springsnow Foods is a chicken-integration company that produces, raises, hatches, kills, and cooks chicken. This company also produces veterinary drugs. Springsnow Foods has 46 farms and 60 million chickens, and produces 29,000 tons of processed meat per year.
Yantai Tianhua Food Co.,Ltd.
Yantai Tianhua Food Co., Ltd. is a company mainly for the Chinese market and Japanese fried and grilled chicken. The ingredients are 100% produced and managed within the company.
Zhucheng Gaishi Group.
This group is one of China's biggest broiler production areas. There are 5 processes involved in the broiling of products: unify the supply of chicks, unify the supply of food for the chicks, unify the supply of drugs and vaccines, unify the killing and unify the technical guidance for the chicks. In more than 50 large farms, this company produces chicken according to the universal standards and regulations, and then provides these chicken to the processing factories. There are three slaughtering factories, and these factories have the latest technology from around the world, including the certified quality certification system ISO 9002 and the environmental protection certification ISO14000. The factories follow the regulations from HACCP、GMP、SSOP.
Henan Yung Ta Foods Co. Ltd.

Henan Yung Ta Foods Group is an Islam-foods company which speclializes in chicken breeding, producing of foods for chicken, breeding broiler, slaughtering the chicken, production of heated products and chicken extract, delivery, construction of the commercial chain.
The company was established in 1988, and has bases in Hebi, Anyang, Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Xinyang, and Jiyuan. There are more than 10,000 people working all together.

  • Number of chicks slaughtered: 150 million chicks
  • Sets of chicks: 2.45 million
  • Annual Hatching Capacity:170 million chicks
  • Feed processing capacity:1 million tons
  • Annual export products:20000 tons
  • Frozen preparation product:40000 tons