Things we can do because we adopt an integrated company structure:

Because the Foods Planner Group manages the procurement, processing and supplying of food, we can provide high quality goods in a fast manner.

Foods Planner is a group that incorporates an integrated company structure - we deal with procuring, processing, developing of new products, and managing the supply chain. By eliminating secondary companies within each process, the Foods Planner Group can eliminate unnecessary costs, and still provide quick and delicious food.


Strategy proposals we can provide because we adopt an integrated company structure:

By analyzing the market's needs, we can develop new products accordingly.

Within the company, we have several departments: marketing, development, procurement, and processing - by utilising these sectors, we can develop new products to match the market's needs. We don't only deal with food like chicken, beef and pork, but we look to develop products that are most wanted in the market. Starting from trial production to the actual production and supply, Foods Planner covers the entire process.